We provide restaurants with a self-service online menu management system.

Just add your items and create your menu. Your customers will scan your QR code to be directed to your restaurants menu.

Create your items

First, add your items, like macaroni & cheese, chicken burritos, and drinks.

Create your menu

Create menu groups and drag and drop items into the menu groups. Groups are used for menu navigation!

Just open the camera and scan the QR code.

companyweb.Your menu is easily accessible to customers by just scanning a QR code. The customer will open the camera on their smartphone and point it at the QR code; they will then be prompted to visit your restaurants menu.

Blazing fast menu

Custom logo and colors

User-friendly design

Quick & easy

Universal access points for your store items and menus.

Developer friendly, your store items and menus all saved in one place accessed from anywhere.

Pricing so everyone is safe!

Affordable pricing so all restaurants can offer online menus. Save time by cleaning fewer menus and save trees by reducing the need for disposable menus.

Monthly Annual