Get your own branded website for your business and turn your online visitors to loyal customers via a seamless ordering experience & enjoy exclusive feature that will boost your sales and increase your revenue


Loop offer unlimited number of adding products, Users, Transactions, SMS , Emails , visitors, and support.

Automatic Catalog

Automate your Sponsor ads with Catalogs on Google, Facebook , Snapchat and Instagram Catalog.

Advance Marketing Tracking

Loop is the first platform that offers a server-side tracking that is complying with the new changes of Apple iOS14.

QR Payment Links

Your customer ordered cash on delivery but he got no cash ? easy ! each bill we have got QR code to pay online! No sending links anymore.

QR Menu

We offer you free QR menu for your store, where you can print it out and show it in your place.

Stock Management

Mange your stock easily, refill all your recourses in few clicks.

Marketing & Tools

Sponsored Ads are not performing like before? We got the solution for you!.

  • Server-Side Tracking for pixel
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook & Instagram Catalog
  • Snapchat Catalog
  • Google Shopping ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Instant Domain Verification

Cloud Storage Service

We are proudly running our websites on Amazon AWS which will give you always the best performance and never disturb your customers! That’s not all! We also use AWS for.

  • Cloud Database
  • SMS Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Website Hosting
  • File Storage
  • Backup Systems

Advance payment method

Payment Gateway

We are in partnership with MyFatoorah where we offer KNET, Visa, and Master cards for all of our clients! And the best part is! You don’t have to own a company to start selling online and accepting KNET, Master Card, and Visa.

Next Day Deposit

Together with MyFatoorah, we ensure to deposit all the sales that come on your website the next day in your bank account.

Comparative Fees

Our KNET, Master, and Visa fees are the lowest in the market, where you can get the max profit of your business.

Monthly Reports

We send you a financial report every month to make sure that you are aligned with all the sales and the deposits that are happening on your bank account.


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LOOP is your success path partner! You grow. We grow!

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